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    Scale a Movieclip

      I have a movieclip that can be moved around the screen when a user drags it. I want them to also be able to scale the movie clip. Is that possible?
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          shikozel Level 1
          of cource.

          value is the precentage of the scale. for example if value=200 the movie clip will scale twice as much the original size.
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            relief8 Level 1
            What would the script that is attached to my movie look like? Is there a way to make it possible for the user to click and drag the movie clip and scale it to the size they want?
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              yes, it can be done.

              you'll want to either use movieclips positioned where you want the resizing to be initiated or use a hitTest() to determine the mouse's location when a mousedown or press is detected.

              the benefit of using movieclips, is you can use a rollover to trigger a custom cursor that indicates to the user that resizing can take place by pressing and dragging.

              you would then resize and/or reposition using a loop and the mouse position.
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                relief8 Level 1
                Sounds great. Not really sure how to do that though. Is it possible to do the rollover cursor and resizing when I already have the moveclip set to be dragged onClick.

                Sample Script??? If it's not to much to ask. I feel like you've helped me a ton already.