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    Lost workflow in CS4


      We have Contribute users throughout the organization with varying levels of access. Prior to our upgrade, when an editor made an update to a page, they sent the page to a reviewer who in turn would then send it to an admin for publishing. With the upgrade to CS4, we have lost our workflow capabilities. Now, when a reviewer receives a page from an editor (regardless of whether it was sent 'Send for Edit', 'Send for Review' or 'Send for Publish'), their only option is to 'Return' the page back to the original editor. They cannot send it on to an admin for publishing.


      Is there server or admin panel setting we're missing, because we've been struggling with this.

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          Krishna Prasad B V



               I think the draft workflow got changed for CS4. So. when a user sends a draft for edit/review to another user, after completing the edit/review, the draft will be sent back to the sender (maybe, to check the changes made, or to incorporate the comments). Now, if the sender does not have publish permissions (he is a Writer), then, he can Send for Publish to another user (admin or publisher), and that user can publish the draft. Or, if he has publish permissions, he can publish the draft.


          I did not get, how only Return option is available, when a draft is sent for edit or review. In case of Send for Publish, only Return option may be shown, if the receiver of the draft, is a Writer (does not have Publish permissions.)


          Hope this helps.