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    How can I apply a mask?

    learner_doug Level 1


      I'd like to apply a rectangular mask on a Rect so that the graphic or text information below it will show through. This "3D" images is just for illustration to help people understand what I'm trying to accomplish.  The actual application is not 3D.




      For example:


      <!--               Lower "layer"                                                                                -->

      <s:Group id="under" width="1100" height="900" x="0"  y="0" depth="1">





      <s:BitmapFill source="@Embed('assets/SomeGraphic.jpg')" alpha="1"/>






      <!--             Upper "layer"    Rectangle with solid color over top of lower layer         -->

      <s:Group id="over" width="1100" height="900" x="0"  y="0" depth="100>

      <s:Rect width="1100" height="900">


      color="0x000000" />







      I'd like the mask to "reveal" a rectangular area (at the effect of an event) from say x=100, y=100 to x=400, y=400