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    Understanding albums in PE 9

    Jordan2903 Level 1

      I've been trying to get it clear in my head how albums work and how they interface with projects. The help files seem to give me information only about previous versions, so I'm a little confused because some things are different.


      Preliminary question: What is the difference between the program called the "Elements Organizer" and the "Organize" tab in the Tasks Panel? What is the function of each?


      First question: I notice that an album is created automatically when a new project is created and it has the same name as the project. Are there other ways to create an album? Information in the help files said that you can create and store albums such as "Ten Best Vacation Videos". How is this done in PE 9?


      The next question is about Help instruction for PE 7 which is called "About Albums". It says "You can drag the files within an album to arrange them into any order you want." I have tried to drag files both in the Organizer and the Organize tab, but it doesn't work in either case. So where and how do you arrange the files in PE 9? The section also talks about making album groups in the "tagging window". I can't find a tagging window. I do find a selection drop-down for tags in the Task Panel, however, I do not see a green "+" that would allow me to add a group.


      Last questions: the help files came up with yet another section on PE 8 which is called "Sort Files in Media Browser". What is the media browser? This section says you can sort by Date (Newest First), Date (Oldest First) or Album Order. I have tried to do this both in the Elements Organizer and the Tasks Panel, but neither of them has the selection "Album Order". So, what is the procedure for sorting files in the album order if you have PE 9?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          These questions are all answered in great detail in my books, if you're interested. You'll find them described in the most detail in my "Muvipix.com Guide to Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 9," where I dedicate three chapters to the Elements Organizer alone.


          The Organize panel in Premiere Elements is a very limited version of Elements Organizer. You can sort media files with some basic filters, but that's about it.


          The Elements Organizer is a full-blown media file management system. The Media Browser (sometimes also referred to as the Photo Browser) is the large area in the Elements Organizer where your media files are displayed.


          The Elements Organizer is a major tool in itself and includes not only file management and search tools but also tools for creating everything from calendars and slideshows to legal postage stamps and photos that automatically load to digital photo albums. It's all way too elaborate to describe in a simple post on the forum, but here are the media file management features in a nutshell:


          You can create Albums in the Elements Organizer by clicking on the + button at the top of the Albums panel. Files can be added to the Album when you first create it, or you can drag the green Album icon onto any media clip or clips in the media browser.


          Once your files are in an Album, you can set them to backup online, you can arrange their order or you can filter them by Album or Keyword Tags in both the Elements Organizer or Premiere Elements Organizer panel. To arrange the order of the clips in an Album, right-click on the Album listing and select Edit Album. (This will change the order the clips appear in the Album, but not in the Media Browser.)


          Similarly, Keyword Tags can be created and added to your media clips in the Keyword Tags panel -- which, by default, is right below the Albums panel.

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            Jordan2903 Level 1

            I have your book on Premiere Elements 9 coming any day now, but did not order the one with Photoshop Elements because the photo editor I already have does a lot more. I found that Photoshop Elements was sadly lacking in a lot of functions I need to edit my still photos. One of these days when I get the money I'll perhaps buy Lightworks, but I have enough to learn right now with the videos!


            Your post sure explained a lot. I got stuck in one place though. I was able to get to the album edit window where I could reorganize the photos. I also found there is a nifty little album that gets created under the Share tab. I wanted to email this album to my realtor, but first tried to reorganize the photos so they would come up in more rational order. At first PE let me do that, but then it started ignoring my changes or would reposition the images in an unexpected way. It was as if it got tired of me making changes. Worse, there was no button to save the new album order, so I clicked on "Done" out of lack of anything else to do. When I opened the album back up it had reverted to the original album order and all my work to reorganize it was lost. I can't believe that's the way it's supposed to work because there's no point in reorganizing an album if you can't use the new organization for batch slide shows and the like. There must be a way to save the album order and use it for other purposes, but I wasn't able to figure this out.