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    general forum ???

    ruthgordy Level 1

      I might be the biggest dummy in this forum, but for instance, when I'm on page 22 of the Flash forum and I look at a specific post and then I exit that question it always brings me back to page 1. I want to go back to page 22 and continue from there and not have to scroll through all the pages back to page 22.


      Any thoughts Adobe?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your chances of getting a response from Adobe in these user-to-user forums are slim.


          If you want to return to page 22, your best bet is to not leave it.  When you find a posting you want to look at, right click its link and select the option to open it in a new window.  That way page 22 remains when you close the window with the posting you wanted to look at.

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