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    Hi! I am new to the Adobe software and have some questions.


      Hi I just bought the Web premium CS5 package. I am wanting to make a flash game in Catalyst/Fb/Flash Pro. but do not really know where to start. I know it is a big leap but i am trying to make a game with a multiplayer (2 player PvP) and single player campain. The actual game will be  where you can buy troopst that will march across the field until they get to the other side or the field  wher there wil be an "enemy fort" But the "Enemy" is trying to do the same to you. (If troops meet midway  throught the field they will battleit out).


      there will be 3 rows in the field


      I plan to have 4 or 5 classes of troops


      The buying troops process will be done either by

      1) A timer (so every say 20sec. you can but a standard troop and every min. you can buy an advanced troop)

      2)Points (Ever eney troop you kill will give you a certain amount of points which you can save up to buy any troop (each troop will cost different amounts))


      So here are my questions.


      1) Is this possible and where can I find out how to do this?

      2) Which buying troops process do you prefer?

      3) Once this was completed would I be able toeasily convert it to an ipod touch? (I am thinking about this but if not no biggie)


      Thanks in advance for all your replies,