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    Relinking many media files at once when there is duplicate media?

    --Ovalteens-- Level 1

      Has anyone had an issue where they have two sets of the same files (say a folder structure on a network and a folder structure locally on faster drives) and when trying to relink to one or the other set, Premiere defaults to the previous location?


      I work with people over a slow network, where they give me files and I update them, etc. I pull media locally to my machine, mimicking the file structure, in order to have realistic playback performance.  This requires me to take the media files offline and relink them to my local drive.  If I select a group of files (more than two) and choose to link media to my local machine, it will ask me to point to the first file in the list.  When I do that, Premiere is SUPPOSED to search that local file structure and find media in a similar location...at least, that's what Final Cut does.  However, what it actually does is relink that first clip locally that it asked me for and then relink everything else I had selected back to the original location on the network.


      The only solution I found was to dismount the network drive.  I shouldn't have to do this.


      Is this something others have encountered?