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    streams don't happen until tab made active?


      I am sorta confused by some behavior I am seeing in an application I am making.


      Basically, I am testing a real time game against myself.  I have noticed if I do it in such a way that both game instances are in different tabs, all the messages I am sending don't happen until I view the tab.  I can run around and do stuff on one tab, then when I switch to the other I see the whole thing happen  rapidly until it catches up.  I don't think it is just the interpolation I am doing, because I send messages indicating a player has been hit and it doesn't happen until I watch the whole thing happen on that screen way later.  Can anyone point me in the right direction about why this is happening?  I want to switch to the other tab and simply have it be in the right spot rather than trying to catch up.  It is probably a rare situation, but it is a symptom of something greater that I need to fix.


      Sorry if I didn't make sense.  It is hard to describe.