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    keying with caustics lights in the scene


      hi...i wana know about some tutorial of how to keying a girl in a green  screen ...with a light behind her....and smoke in the scene...causing  caustics lights around her..u know??is that posible??..i made this  example to make it ease to understand what i want to do....problems with  the english...thanks..and if some of u guys colud give a link to a tutorial to reach good footage with caustic...i mean ..how to ligth the scene..stuff like that..it will be greatpregunta.jpg

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Shoot the girl with a nice strong backlight so she clearly has a light source behind her, reflecting in hair etc.  Don't attempt to capture light beams or atmosphere in the green screen footage.


          Generate the light beams and atmospherics in AE.  Beams can be created with CC Light Burst or Trapcode Shine.  Fractal noise can be used to generate smoke or mist.

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