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    Many feature requests and eliminations

    funn1bunn1 Level 1

      Hello, I posted these questiones here because I think they are not existing features in photoshop.


      How do I stop these?

      1. When using cropping tool (while dragging it), mouse hits the edge of photoshop, the canvas moves over to the right.

      2. When using pen tool in very zoomed-in mode, pen hits the edge of photoshop, the canvas moves.

      3. Remove warning alert when deleting paths.


      How do I solve these?

      3. Can't use the color picker when anything is opening. eg. Ctrl-U.

      4. I use Ctrl-T a lot. Let say I'm working on the tranform mode, and I cancel the action.  Then I decide I want that change afterall, but I have to redo all the dragging. Is there a feature that saves an active tranform mode?

      5. How to right click on multiple psd files in finder to open them at once? Sometimes dragging them to photoshop icon in my dock doesn't work. I don't want to use the File/Script/Load files into stack, that's just more clicking.

      6. I press Ctrl-Z a lot, is there away to set it to Z only (one key)? Keyboard shortcuts & menus won't let me. I don't want the F-keys, they are too far from Shift and Alt.

      7. I use my mouse wheel to zoom in/out in photoshop, but it doesn't work in Liquify mode.

      8. Must use the handles in the 4 corners when I want to resize an object by ratio, I want to use the side handles because I take a while to find the corner handle. Using the "shrink by %" on the top panel after pressing Ctrl-T is not convenient.

      9. I love using Color Range to make color selections, but that window is so tiny! Sometimes I left some pixels unselected, and they were shown in that window. But because the window is too small, I can't click on it.

      10. Don't want new path to overlap my working paths (sometimes I forgot to saw them).

      11. When I clicked on the blending modes in the layer panel, I scroll and it changes the blending modes. Because I want the wheel to only use for zooming in and out, how do I stop the scrolling to affect blending modes, font choices, etc.


      Let me know. Thanks.