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    Adobe Reader X is...awful


      This seems to be another case of a software company trying to fix what isn't broken.


      Here is why I uninstalled Adobe Reader X in anger a few hours after installing it:


      1. Fonts look like crap. All antialiasing appears to be removed from the fonts, easy-to-read fonts are replaced with ugly ones, and everything has lost that smooth look that has traditionally been the sole domain of Adobe Reader.

      2. It needs time to "prepare the document" upon opening, and brings up an intrusive dialog in the middle of the screen that, when cancelled, appears to have no ill effects on the viewing of the document. The whole concept is completely useless as far as I can tell.

      3. The Hand Tool is gone, so arrow keys can no longer be used to navigate around the document when zoomed in (a feature that, as a translator, I used very frequently). Adobe reader X now appears to be operating as if the Select Tool were selected, and this, as far as I can tell, cannot be changed.


      There are likely more issues and unneeded changes that were made but I just couldn't live with this any longer and had to uninstall.


      Let's hope Adobe restores a lot of the functionality with the next update.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          For #1, I get fine results. There is a user preference that controls font smoothing, so perhaps it wasn't set correctly for your system.


          For #2, I'm not sure what you mean. I do not see the same thing.


          For #3, the Hand tool is present on my installation. You may have to right-click the toolbar area and select it from the various toolbar buttons to get it to display.

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            LEO HOUSTON

            I am trying to uninstall it and it won't let me. What do I do know

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              pwillener Level 8

              LEO HOUSTON wrote:


              I am trying to uninstall it and it won't let me.

              What means "won't let me"? Do you get an error message?  What OS?

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                lrosenth Adobe Employee

                Riney - did you install this on the same computer as Reader 9 or a new one?  Did you remove Reader 9 first?  Do you have any other copies of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed??


                Your issue are 100% preference problems - at least two preferences are NOT the default settings - which makes me think that you have something else installed that is interferring with the proper settings. 

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                  LEO HOUSTON Level 1

                  I have removed everything else tjhat says adobe readeron it and the 10.0.1 still won't uninstall

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                    LEO HOUSTON Level 1

                    Yes it says the package won't open

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                      RineyBree Level 1

                      I installed this on the same computer with, I believe version 9.3, installed. I use Japanese windows if that makes any difference (but 9.3 looks and functions perfectly for me). Maybe Adobe Reader X is trying to use Japanese fonts (which when in English mode look terrible).


                      After installing X I did not touch any of the settings at all.


                      A previous poster mentioned the hand tool being in the menus. Where can I find that? And what is that horrible document preparation thing that pops up every time a file is opened?

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                        Georges Kanouté Level 1

                        i've got a few more:


                        1. hand tool is stuck on hand&zoom for no apparent reason on some documents, with no option of disabling it

                        2. save button does not function at all (it either starts off as greyed out or greys itself out when pressed; Ctr+Shift+S does nothing)

                        3. Firefox add-on crashes far far faaaaaaaaaaar more frequently than v9.3 although the old add-on actually had the decency of properly crashing while the new one just goes black, forcing me to kill it manually with Task Manager


                        And the joke of the day is that when i tried re-installing 9.3, i got an error message telling me that i already have a "functional product installed" and that the 9.3 installation will be terminated. Wrong! I have Adobe Reader X installed and that is NOT a functional product!!!


                        I am now going to start a manual unistallation of Adobe X, it better work!


                        Edit: re-installed 9.3 after rmoving X. works like a charm. i am so relieved!!