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    Premiere CS5 and codecs

    TaoHunter Level 1

      I have a problem with Premiere CS5 (And all other video software for that matter) and the supported video formats.


      What I did was, I installed the Master Collection trial version and when I actually purchased the software I entered the serial and done!...  I thought...

      I know that in the trial version a lot of the codecs are blocked so I thought something might have gone wrong there so when I received the actual Discs I tried reinstalling Premiere but with the same result:


      I wanted to import an IMX 625/50 .mov file but it just wouldn't work, eventhough that should be supported as far as I can tell. Also my export format list was very limited to pretty much the standard codecs from what I can see. So after a bit of trying and reinstalling etc. I installed Final Cut Pro 2 and everything is running fine now, with big lists of export and import possibillities in all the adobe video editing software.


      So the question is: Did I miss something when upgrading from the trial version to the full version