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    another export setting quesrtion




      Firstly, I want to say thanks for taking the time to read this.


      Secondly, I am looking for the perfect export 720p HD setting in CS5 to put onto Youtube for a 4 minute music video I have made. Believe me, I have been trying endless combinations of formats, containers, and codecs but cannot find a quality end-product that gives me a HD video for Youtube. The avi is the best mixdown after exporting, but it's not HD once it (finally) gets uploaded. the H.264 settings all are ENORMOUS and actually look like crap comparitively.


      so there is my problem if anyone can help.


      But that brings my to Thirdly; why is this such a difficult thing to solve? I am one of thousands of people apparently who struggle with this. Why does Adobe not offer more in-depth explanation to the settings and their purposes? I imagine some of you reading this might feel pretentious enough to respond that I need to do my research. In which case, save your bandwidth for W.O.W., dork; I shouldn't have to take a college course to figure out a program that cost me a month salary.


      Shouldn't this information be more available--or is every export/codec/value combination really that specific to where no answer would sum up my (seemingly) simle dilemma regarding ONE setting to export a four-minute HD video for Youtube that doesn't take up half of my hard drive and 3 days to export (and upload!)?


      Thanks again for your time,