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    Strange behavior in paragraph styles

    Clark Kenyon Level 1

      I had the strangest problem with ID CS5. I had stripped the local formatting out of a Word document and placed it in an ID document with all paragraph styles  preconfigured, and everything was going along fine. Then for some reason I don’t remember, five pages at the end of the document got so screwed up I had to delete them. So I found the text I needed in the original Word doc, cut it out and pasted it into a new Word document, closed it, then placed that document at the end of my ID doc. I have a special style for sidebars and for the life of me I could not get ID to apply that style to that portion of the new placed text. Nothing had changed in the ID style, there was no override warning. I could manually change the font in the sidebar to what it was supposed to be, but for some reason the incoming Word style was overriding my ID styles. And here’s another thing: every page of the ID doc had “Jump to next column” text wrap automatically applied. I had to select  all my pages and click “No text wrap.” I don’t recall anything like this with CS3.