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    Merged projects

      I have taken over projects for someone who has left the company. I have a few main projects that all used a merged "glossary" project. I have updated all of the main projects and published them etc. and they are live and working with the glossary still there. However, I cannot find the glossary project anywhere. I can find the files that are in the glossary on our development drive but I can't find the actual glossary project. It is possible that the ex-employee would have only had it saved locally, but is it possible that it would still work after server republishings that I have done? Does that even make sense? Please let me know if you have any suggestions...it would make me very happy if I do not have to recreate the whole glossary. Thanks!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          It sounds like you are talking merged webhelp here. It also sounds like you might be maintaining your projects on a network drive as you refer to the ex-employee having a local copy. Unless you are using source control, projects should be local.

          When you took over, you would either have had to copy all the projects across or check them out of source control. If that is the way you work, I would guess your predecessor did the same so the project is there somewhere. I maintain the glossary in the parent.

          Is that the setup?

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            MergeThis Level 4
            As Peter has implied, the glossary is usually the MyParentProjectName.glo file within the parent project, and not a separate project.

            Good luck,
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              hpoeh Level 1
              Thank you! Yes, it is a merged project. The project file was saved on our network and I saved it to my local drive and I only work with it on my local drive...I imagine the old person did the same thing. My fear is that she did not save the glossary project back to the network file? Would that make sense? If not, I did find a file that says workstation.glo but I cannot open it. Thoughts? I am using Robohelp 6 and I believe she was using Robohelp 5 if that makes any difference. Thanks!
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                It's possible she did not put a project on the network but given the glossary should be in the parent, how have you worked without that parent?

                Where did you find the workshop.glo file and why can't you open it? It should open in any text editor such as Notepad.