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    Scroller Component not working with TabbedViewNavigator Component (Flex Mobile)



      -The Application itself is a MobileApplication, not TabbedMobileApplication.

      -One of my pages/views (we'll call it "TabbedPage") incorporates the TabbedViewNavigator component, which calls on two other pages/views in my "views" folder; we'll call them "TabbedPageOne" and "TabbedPageTwo"; the other pages within the application are just regular View pages with components on stage, including a page that also incorporates the Scroller component, which functions properly without a hitch.

      -TabbedPageOne incorporates a Scroller component (followed by a VGroup component as required) that is constrained to the whole screen (left, right, top, & bottom all equal "0").

      -At runtime (on my desktop and device), when I navigate to the TabbedPage page -- consisting of TabbedPageOne & TabbedPageTwo -- the Scroller component will not scroll.

           ---Sidenote: I filled the page with components like buttons and labels to fill the page to the point of activating the scroll function, and although the buttons were still functioning (meaning they still respond to touch events), the Scroller still did not function.


      Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong, or is this a glitch within the Flex Framework?


      You help would be greatly appreciated!