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    New GTX 590 - Will it work with CS5 Hack?

    Rkenosha Level 1

      I have just been reading some of the reviews for the new GTX 590. It has two GPUs on one card. I was wondering whether CS5 hacked would this as one GPU and work faster than a 580, or only use half the power of the card. Thanks Roman

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          use half the power of the card.


          No, it uses about double the power of a 580 and no application will reduce power requirements even if the card is not used fully.


          Only one way to know if it works and that is by trying it out. One thing I can tell you, it is not worth the extra expenditure. It is already hard to tell the difference between a 560 and a 580 card and it is likely that only one GPU will be used (SLI is not supported either) and then it is utter waste of money.


          FYI, I recently retested an ordinary 480 and with hardware MPE on, seven times out of ten I got  a score of 3 seconds on the PPBM5 Benchmark

          That is a new all time high score, besting all the other cards, including the 580.

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            Baz R Level 3

            Hi, harm


            it would be interesting to know if premiere will use all the cuda cores on the gtx 590

            i have a friend who i maybe able to ask a lend for testing.


            and yes i am back



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              Rkenosha Level 1

              That would be great if you could find out. PLease post your results if you have a chance.

              Thanks Roman

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                DO NOT get a GTX 590 for Premierew Pro CS5 usage!


                I inquired with one of our nVidia forum members but got no answer.  But here is a response from EVGA:


                "Dear Customer,  Thank you for contacting the EVGA Customer Service Team. My name is Matthew Hurwitz and I will be answering your question today.


                Answer:  Bill, Since the program doesnt support SLI you are correct that you would be paying full price to use half a card. A single 580 would be faster and cheaper for such a program. Regards, EVGA


                Question:  Thanks much for the quick answer. Yes MPE requires CUDA. Since Adobe Premiere does not support SLI the 590 is problably not going to be compatible with Adobe's MPE or would be a waste of money if it could only use half the board."


                So yes it would work but it would cost much more and be less fast than a EVGA 580 (ckeck the clocks the 580's run faster than the 590's) not that I have been able to find any PPBM5 difference between my superclocked  580 (797 MHz) and an extreme overclocked 580 at 1275 MHz (see below)..EVGA-OC.jpg

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                  RacerX2oo3 Level 1



                  Sorry just saw your PM, for whatever reason I only get sporadic emails about forum posts and PM's, probably the mail server eating them.


                  As most have pointed out the GTX 590 is a dual GPU card, however Premiere Pro CS5 is not multi-GPU aware.  Since the application isn't designed to run across multiple GPU's, the GTX 590 will not offer any additional performance over a single GPU card (even though both GPU's are physically present on a single graphics card.) 


                  Note that while CUDA applications do not need an application to support SLI (which is a method for increasing framerates by allowing multple graphics cards to render frame data) in order to utilize the CUDA cores on multiple boards, an application does have to be written to be multi-GPU aware and capable.  Certain types of applications lend themselves more readily to breaking up computing functions across many GPU's (raytracing being a key example), other applications like video processing can be substantially more complex to implement. 


                  Bottom line is that at this point users are better off buying the best single GPU card that suits their needs.




                  Sean Kilbride

                  NVIDIA Technical Marketing

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                    dean.p Level 1

                    So, I'm right in assuming then that if I get a GTX 590, I'll have great performance for games and Premiere will just treat it as a single GTX 580 with no real issues?

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                      RacerX2oo3 Level 1

                      I'd say that that's mostly correct.  The GTX 590 should provide the fastest single card gaming experience possible.  However, a single GTX580 will likely offer better performance in Premiere Pro.  Additionally, while I wouldn't expect any issues using a GTX590 with Premiere Pro, its not a solution that I've personally tested and given that its not an officially Adobe certified card I can't say for a fact that it will perform flawlessly.  It's worth noting that Adobe has announced offical support for GTX 580 and GTX 570 coming in CS 5.5.  Unless you really plan on hard core gaming, I think you'd be better served with a GTX 580 or 570. 




                      NVIDIA, Technical Marketing

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                        RjL190365 Level 4



                        The GTX 590 will actually perform slower than a GTX 580 in Premiere Pro CS5. In fact, due to its slower core and memory clocks, the GTX 590 will actually perform slower than even a GTX 570 in CS5.