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    Flash CS5 refuses to export swf

    stobak Level 1

      Ive been at this for hours, and ive been on various other sites, including adobe's, seeking the answer to this problem.
      Im running Flash CS5 with all current updates.
      My flash is about 2400 frames long, and is running at 24fps.
      In the beginning, i had no problem exporting it.
      Now, when i publish/export/test/preview/ beg to work, the dialogue  bar will pop up indicating that its exporting... Only to suddenly stop  about 70% of the way through and dissapear. . no preview..no swf. and to  make matters worse, it devours the swf i exported originally. Im not  using any action script (ive been told that could be where the problem  is). I have tried copying my frames into a fresh document, just in case  the original is corrupt, but still had the same problem. Ive screwed  with the publish settings enough to know the problem isnt there. Ive  combed through my entire library, looking for corrupt files..still no  success.
      My dilema is almost identical to this user's:


      http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/5656 95


      ....its nice to know someone else had the same problem, but if you read it you can see it never got resolved.

      this flash is to be used as a background projection during a college theater play, so im getting pretty desperate here.
      If anyone has any ideas Please help!