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    Move effect in loop


      Hoi i'm struggle a long time with this issue.
      i'm trying to create a move effect in a for statement.


      example classe component



      public class Circel1 extends UIComponent
                public function Circel1()
                public function createCircle( color:uint, radius:Number):void {
                     _circel = new Shape(  );
                     _circel.graphics.beginFill( color );
                     _circel.graphics.drawCircle( 0, 0, radius );


      in my mean application i'm making a arraycollection


      with from x1 ,y1, to x2, y2 


      <s:Move id="myMove" xFrom="{_x1}" yFrom="{_y1}" xTo="{_x2}" yTo="{_y2}" target="{cr}" />

      for(var i:int=0; i<ArrCoordinator.length;i++)
           {     cr= new Circel1();
                      function RemoveEle(e:EffectEvent)
                          cr =null;


      The purpose of my applications is that the move effect plays one by one.


      so when the first move effect finish playing, start the other on different x and y coordinations


      but what he does is playing all the x and y coordination together.


      can somebody help me out of this ... please ??