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    Color Finesse for PPro CS5??

    Kona Bob Level 2

      CS5 Production Premium comes with a plug in version of Color Finesse, and on my system, I see that it is installed in AE, but I cannot find it in PPro, nor can I find an obvious way to install it to PPro. I don't see any installation options on the CS5 install disks.

      Is it no longer available for PPro CS5, or am I missing something??

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It is only available for AE. If you want a version for both AE and PR, you need to upgrade to the PE version of Color Finesse. See their website.

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            Kona Bob Level 2

            Thanks, Harm.

            That's what I was afraid of...

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              Hi there Kona,


              I would recommend trying Colorista II: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/magic-bullet-colorista-II/

              I like it much more than Color Finesse, it performs quick and nice, and it's cheaper (when I see this right). Has some nice features too, very good secondary correction.


              Best Regards

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                Blue_Devil1 Level 2



                I haven't tried this, but I wonder if you could use the Dynamic link to correct in AE with Color Finesse which might show up on the Premiere timeline?


                I'll give it a try.  I've never been happy with First Light , but there are a lot of tutorials, as you know for Color Finesse and it has lots of presets.  .


                John Rich

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                  I can only have bad experiences with CF

                  stayed in time, has power but is the most clumsy out there.

                  many tools, but bad enough flow.

                  And as plug-in is to be opening shot for shot, I do not like.

                  if not, to correct a photo you like, you hang premiere ...

                  better colorist II, to be a plugin does not get any better ...

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                    inaksi prod Level 1

                    I use color finess all the time with my premiere pro projects. I link it with AE and it works great. I really love it. So, I dont think it's worth to pay more to get the PR version. I would like it of course but dynamic link works like a charm. And you can always go back, re-weak etc. The only thing is once it's dynamicaly linked, the clip is never as it was before. So in case of problems, I un-link the video from the sound, make a copy of the clip just above and remplace it with an after effect compo. So there is always the 'vrigin' clip in case of problems. But I think it's being over cautious from my part.

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                      Blue_Devil1 Level 2

                      Thanks for the info.  I must admit, I've watched a couple of tutorials on the dynamic link, and I'm still having trouble with it.  Would you do me a favor and tell me your work flow for this process.

                      I was hoping I would be able to take just one trimmed clip I have placed in a PP sequence and transfer only that part of the clip to AE, use Color Finesse to work on it, and then when I go back to PP, the color correction would be present on the trimmed clip in the sequence.


                      Thanks in advance,

                      John Rich

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                        Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                        Right-click the item in the PP timeline and select Replace with After Effects Composition.


                        AE will open and prompt you for a name to save the new composition under.  You will see that the PP timeline item will have opened in its own AE comp.  Apply colour correction or any effect.  Voila - that's all there is to it.  Save it.


                        You will see the comp in PP Project Panel as a linked item with a green X.


                        Leave AE open if you intend to correct other PP items.  They will all be added as comps to the same AE file name.

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                          inaksi prod Level 1

                          Like the prevous poster said, it's very simple to link.

                          I don't know if you used color finess yet but once you add the plug in on your clip, I prefer to open the advanced module. All the good tools are there. I like to use the histogram (I never use contrast and brightness tool), color vibrance and the curves. The white  droper is very good to adjust quickly adjust your clip. I use the black one too sometimes but it's a hit and miss with it. I also use the slip screen preview so you can see the changes direclty.