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    2 movieClips and 1 xml

    melas076 Level 1



      I have 2 movieClip  (Sublink + TXT)


      My xml file:


      <Submenu Name="Company Profile">
      <links name="Our Strategy">COMMTECH strategy aims at providing the Egyptian market with the State-of-The-Art technology solutions through the most trustful and reputable vendors and technology providers around the world.
      Our role is to provide new innovative communications and information technology solutions to enhance and develop Small and Medium Enterprises IT infrastructure network capabilities.
      We accomplish our strategy through delivering high quality, high reliable, effective and innovative solutions to our customers, while providing full technical support to our customers to control and manage their IT resources through integrating and standardizing several key components to enhance SME IT business processes. </links>
      <links name="Our Vision">Our Vision</links>
      <links name="Our Mission">Our Mission</links>
      <links name="Our Commitment">Our Commitment</links>



      i would like to know how to create a link from xml to flash when i press on one of theses links to give me text in the same movieclip "TXT".


      i will appreciate your help...!!!