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    LoadMovie, relative path, CE6/IE 6


      loadMovie("content/file04.swf", _level1.targetClip);


      This code has worked fine in every swf file I've created.  However, when I try to run it on a Windows CE 6 with compatible MSIE 6.0 it doesn't find the file.  If I add the entire hard path,
      e.g., loadMovie("file://localhost/Hard Disk2/MainFiles/content/file03.swf", _level1.targetClip);

      then it pulls in the file. 


      Has anyone ran into this?  Is there a reason or a way to get around it?  The loadMovie with relative path is in a few hundred swf files and changing them all seems overwhelming.   Since the loadMovie is coming from a file that's been loaded into the main program, there is no way to add the full hard path to one main block of code to handle all of the paths.


      The complete structure is: file1 loads in file2, file2 loads in file3.  So, file1 doesn't have any code related to file2 loading file3.


      I just don't understand why the relative paths are not working.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are all of the files in the same folder, including the html file?

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            Shari5599 Level 1

            the main file is in the Trusted folder on the main disk.  It's Win CE6.  This all works just fine on all windows platforms (and Mac) except Win CE6 with IE6.  It's playing directly through a Flash player, not through an html page.


            The file structure is like this:



            /Hard Disk2/Program/lesson3.xml

            /Hard Disk2/Program/03/file1.swf

            /Hard Disk2/Program/03/file2.swf

            /Hard Disk2/Program/03/questionFile1.swf



            So, the mainFile reads in the xml which lists the files to be loaded as the user clicks through the Next page button.  When it gets to load the questionFile, if the user answers incorrectly, the code *within* the questionFile1.swf loads in file2.swf again.   I can fix all of the relative paths that are loaded in from the xml, but we have hundreds of these files that load the movie from within (loadMovie - code in original post).


            Thanks for your time and ideas!