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    External 5400 rpm USB 3.0 vs 7200 rpm USB 2.0




      I was wondering if the rpm "filter" still aplies to the new generation external hdds.


      I am in need of an external hdd for editing from it, and i had past experience with realtime playback of p2 full hd footage over a samsung story station 1tb usb 2.0, which i was surprised to find out later it is 5400 rpm.


      Does the platform speed outperform the benefits of hdd phisical speeds?


      Just wondering if i should go twords a usb 3.0 story station, or go to a seagate or wd 2tb 7200 usb 2.0.


      Editing over a laptop so i can't use internal hdds and external raid racks way out of budget....