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    I need Help????Please????? error in rendering a progect



      I have designed something in after effects and what happened when

      i wanted to render the project I got the following note

      please help me in finding a olution for it and it continues to appear everytime

      \i render a project


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          We need to know a lot more if we're going to help you.


          What version of After Effects? Have you installed the recent updates? What operating system? Tell us more about your composition, such as the dimensions, what effects you're using, and so on. Tell us about your computer hardware. What are you Memory & Multiprocessing settings?

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            Short answer: you don't have enough RAM to render your 29536 x 3408 picture which is really really huge.


            Long answer: the AE render engine need to store the entire frame it's rendering in Raw format in your RAM. Your picture is 29536x3408, so it's 100.648.688 pixels, and you have to multiply this by the color depth, let's say you stayed at 8bpc you'll need 8Gb of continuous free space in your ram to be able to render the frame. This is huge. If you're in CS4 or prior, there is now way you can render it. If you're in CS5, you'll need to have at least 12Gb of ram installed, and allocate at least 9GB per CPU core.


            The best option would be to split your picture in small parts and place them in grid in your comp.


            Hope that helps,