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    Director Market Survey

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      I have created a survey to help the folks at Adobe realize the their
      target market and Director developers target markets.

      If you would please take a few minutes to fill out the survey with as
      much detail as you can, it would be much appreciated. the survey is 100%

      Feel free to pass this survey on to others.


      Charles P.
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          Great response thus far. After only 24 hours, we are about even with the
          number of responses that Dean got after 3 weeks on his survey some
          months ago.

          A few follow-up items.

          There seems to have been a server issue that occurred yesterday
          afternoon. People were unable complete the survey because of this. I can
          see that there were a large number of folks who only got half way
          through the survey at that time. So, if you are one of those people,
          please please please, click the link below and continue and complete the
          survey. A cookie was placed on your machine so you should pick up where
          you left off.

          I will be sharing summary results from this survey in a few weeks. I
          will be posting to this list for those who might be interested.

          I have given the survey results link to the folks at Adobe so that they
          can use the data. I have received a number of e-mails from them stating
          that they are _extremely_ pleased with the survey and they are pouring
          over the data as we speak. I have had a talk with several key people
          there about specific responses and how incredibly interesting the data
          is proving to be.

          So, know that they are drinking in every bit of the responses.

          Because Adobe is taking this data so seriously, it is vitally important
          that as many developer add their comments and data to the survey.
          Especially in the wake of the news that Adobe is going to be starting to
          build their 3 year plan for Director very very soon. So, pass this link
          on to people who might know only a little about Director or even those
          who used Director some 10 years ago. All responses are important!


          Many thanks!
          Charles P.
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            I think I may have solved the problem where people not able to return to
            the survey and edit their answers. Of course it took 6 e-mail's to
            support. :)

            Let know if the problem persists.

            Charles P