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    Is it possible to make a form on a website that can be edited and saved? If so How?


      I am making a site for a client and he requires an editable  form. It would need at least 10 editable text boxes and then I would need to have a way to save it and publish it to the website. (The client would be the only one editing so I don't really know what to do as he doesn't have any of the Adobe tools used to edit the site) So here are the questions I need answered:


      1) How do I make an editable form? (If coding is involved I would appreciate it if you could post that as well)


      2) After the site is finished my client will need to keep adding things, is this possibe or will he have to send the files to me and haveme edit the site myself?


      3) How do I make it so my client will be the only one who can edit this?


      P.S. I am not making a Blog. He would be adding these forms to a list of links to the files which the customers could print. If you have any questions to me just ask.