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    Update error 1604



      I have been a long time user of Adobe Reader.  The reader is at version so I keep getting an Update

      notice but when I click on it I get an error message #1604.  Have no Idea what it means. 

      Some on the Internet think it has to do with the Registry and they have some s/w that will fix it for a price.

      I am using WinXP SP3 with FireFox 3.5.18.

      I tried to use the webpage to download the Update but Windows doesn't know what to do with the file!

      Does anybody know what the cause is and how to fix it?

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          LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

          Can you post an image of the error message?

          Do you get this error right away or you see that updater is installing update and shows this error at the end?

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            The-Wasp Level 1



            For Adobe It's immediate!  The update doesn't even try to install.

            For Windows Update, it goes through the motions and then at the end

            it says that the Update failed.  There is no error number!

            I would pass the error messages along, but I would need to know how

            to save the screen.  Could you clue me in?



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              LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee



              May I ask for a very detailed information on what you do step by step and what are the results of those steps?

              For example, if you recieved a notification from Adobe Updater, what did you do next?

              Which button did you click? Was there any progress of installation of any kind?


              If you downloaded a file, which file? What exactly happens when you double click on it?

              If you cannot get an image, please get the exact wording of the error.


              Maybe you can ask for a friend's help to collect and provide this information?


              I am not sure why you are mentioning Windows Update and what this means-

              "For Windows Update, it goes through the motions and then at the end..."


              If Windows Update does not work, you may have a corrupted Windows Installer Service and would have to fix it first.

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                The-Wasp Level 1



                Adobe automatically sends me notification of an Update and it appears in

                the bar down next to the clock.  If I don't see it

                rught away a small window is opened above the desktop saying that it's

                there and I should click on it.  After I click and

                Adobe says "I'm sorry" the the Icon disappears until my PC is again

                checked for needed updates which is Sundays at 10:00.

                It's hard to believe that the Windows Installer is the problem, but I

                could be wrong.

                I mean only the Adobe Update is putting up the fuss.

                It appears that the WinXP installer is up to snuff since I find no

                Windows error messages in the usual places any more.


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                  LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

                  Adobe Reader Updater does not say "I'm sorry" - what is the exact wording?

                  Adobe Reader Updater will not show up on Sundays at 10:00 - is it possible that you have some kind of a virus?

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                    The-Wasp Level 1


                    Leo AdobeX:

                    Here is what I see when I click on the Adobe Icon!