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    PDF File downloaded from Mac Can't Read From Windows 7




      I am now doing a research, and every time when I copy the reference paper in PDF format from Mac to a flash drive, it could not be read from Windows at the university lab. Usually some pages of the file was missing. This really cause me a pain. Please help me.   Thanks...



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Almost all flash drives are formatted as a Windows drive. When you copy almost any file to the flash drive two different files are created. One corresponds to the data fork of the Mac file and the second is a resource fork. When viewed from Windows the resource fork has the same name as  the original file but it preceded by a period. This resource fork file should be ignored. The real file as far as Windows is concerned is the data fork file.


          Now if the file you are moving to Windows can be opened and is missing pages, then that is not the fault of Reader or the Mac OS. But is related to how you are creating or obtaining the file.

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