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      I'm trying to  blur out a logo on a shoe, but I'm having some difficulty getting the  tracker to stick to the logo.  Can someone help me, please.  Here are  the steps I took:


      1.  I used Tracker to track a logo that I want to blur out.

      2.   After analyzing the layer, I went back to check the attach point frame  by frame  The attach point is centred perfectly on the logo on every  frame.

      3.  Then, I added an adjustment layer, and used the pick  whip to ensure that the position of the adjustment layer is the same as  the attach point position from the tracker.

      4.  On the adjustment  layer, I created an ellipse mask, applied a gaussian blur.  But when I  do playback, the ellipse mask is all over the place and not sticking to  the logo.


      Does anyone have an idea as to what I'm doing wrong?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks, in advance.


      2010 Mac Pro.  After Effects CS5.  Snow Leopard 10.6.6.