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    Robohelp 7 Webhelp will not compile


      I have Windows XP Pro SP3 with latest patches. I started with RoboHelp 7 fully patched. MS Office 2007 fully patched.


      I have full security rights to my login.


      I get errors whether generating webhelp via the GUI or the commandline. Until I tried to generate finaly changes to the first draft of this project, I could generate without error.


      When generating webhelp or webhelp pro I get the error:


      Preparing to create WebHelp Pro...
      Finished preparing in 1 sec(s)


      Initializing compiler...
      Generating WebHelp Pro 5.50 (7.01.001)...
      Error: Can not register active script for language:javascript)
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: RegisterResolvers


      Fatal Error: Cannot run macro: RegisterResolvers in compilation script.


      I get this for ANY project, even the samples.


      I found a couple of topics that gave some advice, but that did not help.


      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and renaming various files, as suggested by these topics, all to no avail.


      The link with information that I have followed are:



      The one thing I did not try mentioned in the above link, was to use the RoboScriptReg.exe mentioned, since a search for it did not reveal where it can be obtained.


      I changed the Word macro security settings from "Disable all macros with notication" to "Enable all macros (not recommended...".I am not sure why this would matter, since I am not using Word to enter the data, but I tried it and still no go.


      There has got to be some solution other than format and reinstall; or shell our money for the latest version. I am surprised that there does not appear to be a way to figure out what is wrong just by searching on the error output.


      Is there a commandline option that I overlooked, or a hidden option to get RoboHelp to give an error to better pinpoint the problem?


      I will greatly appreciate all help in resolving this issue.