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    Anyway to get solid application background in Fireworks on Mac?




      I am just making the transition from PC to Mac as we longer use PC's at work.


      I am having trouble getting my head around Fireworks CS5 on the Mac.


      I am a web designer. When I work on a website, I usually have many images open in Fireworks and jump back and forth between Fireworks and Dreamweaver.


      On my old PC, I used CS4. On my new Mac I am using CS5. On the PC, Firework had a solid background colour, blocking any other applications running out of view / behind Fireworks. On the Mac, Fireworks has a transparent background, with Dreamweaver showing through between the images I am working on, which is a mess and very visually distracting and is giving me a headache.


      Is there anyway of enabling a solid background in Fireworks to blockout anything running behind?


      Many thanks


      Mr M