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    Unable to reset the signature field in Windows XP


      The purpose of my application is to add the digital signature to my pdf document. Also if the signature is already existing, it should be able to delete that signature and sign it again. The application is like, I have a button. On clicking it, it will add the signature to the pdf file selected, using the selected pfx file. On clicking it again it must be able to delete the existing signature and add new one, My code is like this:

      function AddSignature()
            var sigField = null;
            // Get the signature field
            sigField = this.getField(ACROSDK.sigFieldname);
            // Check if the signature field exists

           if (null == sigField)
                  var inch=72;
                  var aRect = this.getPageBox( {nPage: 0} );
                  aRect[0] += 0.5*inch;
                  aRect[2] = aRect[0]+2*inch;
                  aRect[1] -= 0.5*inch;
                  aRect[3] = aRect[1] - 0.5*inch;

                        sigField = this.addField(ACROSDK.sigFieldname, "signature", 0, aRect );
                  catch (e)
                        app.alert("Failed to sign the PDF");

            // Clear if signature is already existing

            // sign the document.
                  Sign(sigField, ACROSDK.sigHandlerName);


      Iam unable to reset the signature field using the statement, this.resetForm(sigField); And the new signature addition is failed.

      In windows 7 , this code is working fine.