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    Advanced Help with Effects

    dan sb

      Actually I'm not having any major problems learning PE other than what a faster computer would help. I've also started using the Effects to color correct and adjust tonality as well as keyframes to animate motion. Since I've taught Photoshop, the Effects for what I need are understandable. So far so good.


      What I am looking for is if anyone knows where I can find info on optimizing the use of the Effects. For example: There are a number of ways to color correct; what is the best method to use for a specific problem (warming an image, correcting a color imbalance, etc). A number of Effects use Temporal Smoothing; what are some guidelines for Temporal Smoothing values and how would these values change for different subjects (slow/fast moving, high/low contrast). In what conditions would you want to Blend with Original and how much. And so on and so on.


      I understand the market for PE but am hoping there is more advanced info out there so I do not have to reinvent the wheel of knowledge myself. Thank you in advance if you can help.