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    Adobe Digital


      I am trying to download a book from Adobe Digital to my ereader.

      The name of my ereader is MiGear and comes with the Adobe Reader recommendation.

      I Authorized Adobe Digital before downloading the book.

      Adobe ID grassy@ozonline.com.au

      I got the prompt for authorization when I attached my ereader to Adobe Digital

      I bought my book from Booksonboard they recommended Adobe Digital.

      I cannot drag or copy and paste my book into the ereader it wont let me do ether, I uninstalled the adobe digital and re installed it but to no avail.

      Please can you help me.

      also the copy and print tags do not work in the digital adobe, I don't know if this is the problem.

      kind regards Barbara.

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          Hi Barbara!


          I'll give it a try.....


          First, check and make sure that the model of MiGear ebook reader you have is

          the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) list of supported ereaders.  You can check

          here:  http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices.


          Next, check to see that the software on your ereader is up to date.  You

          need to contact the manufacturer's website to do this, and follow their

          directions on upgrades if necessary.  Sorry - can't help you there!


          Then, there's a procecure to follow to make sure that ADE sees your device.

          Hook up your ereader to your computer and make sure that the computer 'sees'

          it.  Once it does, then it's available for use.  Then, open ADE.  You should

          see your ereader listed in the left hand panel of the Library View window,

          because ADE looks for ereaders when it initializes.  Then, drag and drop the

          ebook you want onto your ereader's name.  ADE should pop up a screen showing

          that it's copying the ebook to your ereader.  When it's done, then you can

          close ADE.  The ereader needs to process the download, and if it's like

          mine, it will do so when ADE has shut down.   Then, 'eject' your ereader

          from your computer.  Don't just pull the USB cable - use the computer's

          software to disconnect the device logically.


          If you don't 'see' your ereader in ADE, you could have one of two problems:

          either your computer doesn't show it as an attached and active device or ADE

          doesn't recognize it because it's not in the device table.  You can get more

          help from Adobe if your ereader is in the list of supported devices but

          isn't recognized.


          Hope this helps!