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    Partially working swf site


      I've never done this before, just did it for a friend. So I am quite out of my depth, and groping in the dark with this problem.

      I made a website on flash, a very basic one. Initially I followed one of those basic site tutorials on youtube, but then learnt a little bit more about flash and AS3, and put a few more things in the site, like movieclips, and buttons within movie clips. It's still very simple.
      When I run it on my computer it works perfectly, flawlessly. Flash produces no error stacks when I run it through the test movie function. It works perfectly when I publish it and run it through my web browsers.

      However, when I upload it to a server, it stop working completely. Sometimes the whole thing works, other times it only partially works. More often than not it only partially works. There are a set of page buttons along the top of the page. It is usually the buttons after a button called 'Sights' where things stop working.

      I've plumbed about and experimented as much as I can, but can't seem to figure out what the problem is, whether it's a flash problem (i.e a publishing problem) or a problem with the upload. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Or can anyone give me ideas where to start looking?

      Here the site in it's partially working state: http://my-jordan.org


      If you need any more information, just ask.