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    Can't transfer a button to a getUrl()  link.




      I am very new at Flash and I am hardly remember anything I learned last year at my flash course at College. So I try to get this work and it must be quit simple:


      I try to create a flash menu; where every button on the screen operates as a simple getUrl() link. Because of this, I have taken the following steps:

      - Create new document.

      - Create a symbol on the canvas.

      - convert is into a button Symbol

      - Double Click the button and adding events for up, down, over by clicking F6 on each frame.

      - back in scene one, I right click the button and open the Action panel

      - Adding the Script: "on release { getUrl('index.html'}

      - Press ctrl + enter  to test the move ! ( index.html exists in the same folder as the flash file.)



      And it doesn't work. What did I forget ? ( I had a problem with putting it in as a button script rather than a scene script, but can't think of anything else!?)


      Thank you for your help !