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    Max of connections exceeded...


      My application displays many live video streams... the problem is that when I get these streams from one apache server I can display limited amount of streams (what is really interesting it depends on OS on which application is run: when I run it on windows I can display 4 live streams, when I use linux - only 2(!!!) streams in the same time, I didn't test it on mac).

      I've just googled a bit and I found out that Flash Player uses configuration parameter: max-connections-per-server that is set in browser (for IE it is set in registry, in Firefox it is set in about:config page). I also found that there is one configuration parameter when you define BlazeDS channel in services-config.xml: it is called user-agent-settings and looks like i.e.:

        <user-agent match-on="MSIE" kickstart-bytes= "2048" max-streaming-connections-per-session="1"/>    
        <user-agent match-on="Firefox" kickstart-bytes="0" max-streaming-connections-per-session="1"/>


      This is all I know about it... Now the problem: let's create a simple application with 6 simple video player, load video to all players from the same (!!) server and run it... can you see all six video streams playing? Are you using Linux, Mac or Windows? So is max-connections-per-server property a good one to fix this problem? How to set it in application using only OSMF.swc (no blazeds, server configuration and so on)? Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance for any answer,