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    Capture problems of DV tapes on MacBook Pro i7

    Hans Van der Veen

      I'm looking for some technical support as was wondering whether you can help? On the new MacBook Pro the video editing from AVCHD works 100% but I'm having huge problems capturing footage from our DV tapes when we're using Premiere CS5. I captured the first tape no problem but then the trouble started. Since then all others has aborted very shortly after capturing started (within a few seconds or couple of minutes). I've tried capturing via Firewire to the 2TB Lacie as well as capturing straight onto the HDD of the MBP (ejected the external drive). I've also tried with two different cameras - still same problem. When I use iMovie I can capture no problem via Firewire connection.
      Is there anyone around that can help as this is driving me nuts.