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    Browse Sequence Editor


      I am building a WebHelp tool in RoboHelp 8 for Windows. I have no idea which browsers my users will

      employ, but we have decided NOT to go with a CHM solution for a variety of technical reasons. So we will deliver a folder of htm topics to

      a server-based location and provide each user with a link to the index file.


      According to everything I have read, I should be able to create browse sequences for my users to follow, but I don't see how it works. When I was building CHM files, it worked great for me, except it seemed to require that I install a special file on each user's PC, which was unfeasible to do.


      In my single-source layout pod, I select WebHelp and on the second screen make sure that Browse Sequence is selected in the Additional Options region. Under the Tools menu in RoboHelp, I have created half a dozen sequences.


      When I generate the webhelp file and open it in Internet Explorer, though, I don't see anything resembling a browse sequence.


      So what have I done wrong? Or are browse sequences not supported in WebHelp?