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    Problem with Regular Expression Validator.


      I can't seem to get the regular expression validator to work.  This is flex version 3.2.  I am using a debug version of flash 10 and eclipse 3.4


      My regular expression is:

                  private var fileNameRegexp:RegExp = /^[0-9a-zA-Z._\-]+$/g;


      I call validate() on a source which is a file name test.tar.gz.  Basically I want simpler file names , though I might try to allow unicode names if I can get this to work. Call is:      var fileNameValidationResult:ValidationResultEvent = fileNameValidator.validate();




      I can step down into the code to the line 357 in RegExpValidator.as which is:


                  var result:Object = regExp.exec(String(value));


      The regExp variable is:

      regExp    RegExp (@aec93d1)   
          dotall    false   
          extended    false   
          global    false   
          ignoreCase    false   
          lastIndex    0   
          multiline    false   
          source    "/^[0-9a-zA-Z._\\-]+$/g"  


      The Value is:

      value    "test.tar.gz"  


      I think this should work, but result is returning null.  I have tried it with and without the g flag and without the ^ and $ but I always get a null result


      Any idea on what is going on here? I can't figure out what could be going wrong with the validation. Thought I would ask for  help before giving up and parsing the string manually.