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    editing measure marked video

    robirdman1 Level 1

          I wanted to trim and edit some drumming videos exactly on measures.  I soon found that Premiere Pro could not mark beats or measures of music. Also that it would not save my AVI files in the same format when trimmed.

      I got MPEG Streamclip and this would save trimmed videos in the same format but also won't mark beats and it would be even harder to do so visually or by sound as the 2 are not synched exactly.

      Then I got my Cubase 2 audio software and marked all the measures of a drumming video, trimmed out the unwanted parts exactly on measures, but then found it would only export as an audio file and all the video trimming couln't be.  There I was told I needed a video editing program, and here I was told I needed an audio editing program.

      Is there a program that will both enable marking of music video measures by beats instead of by time code and also export the result?  How is it done in professional music videos or documentaries of concerts?