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    flex builder perfformance issues with larger mxml files

      Can anyone provide a solution to stop the flex builder from using 100% cpu usage when the mxml file starts exceeding 3000 lines.

      Current my mxml file is 5000 lines and when I start typing the cpu usage jumps to 100% with a performance lag and task manager indicating the javaw.exe file is using the resources.

      I have tried the following :

      1] Pointed flex builder to use the following jre's :
      -> j2sdk1.4.2_04
      -> jdk1.5.0_06
      -> Flex Builder 2 jre
      -> Flex Builder 2 Plugin jre

      with the same result of the mxml file of a larger file size slowing dowm dramatically with the javaw.exe using
      close to 100% cpu usage on task manager.

      [2] The performance issue only affects the larger mxml file sizes.

      [3] Allocated more memory to flex builder with no effect on performance to larger mxml files.

      [4] Installed flex Hotfix 1

      [5] Installed Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 2 to overwrite the existing sdk for flex builder 2 with the same result.
      The post on the website said that the hotfix only works for licenced versions of the flex builder 2.0.1.

      [7] Replaced the flex builder jre with the jre from jdk1.5.0_06. The result is same with performance.

      [8] Installed flex updater