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    Reader X Unable to Open certain PDFs


      Ok so heres there issue..


      A client of my company is unable to open what seems to be random PDF files which are sent to them, after doing some testing I found a very strange bug.


      While running Windows XP - I am able to open any PDF file from an outlook email attachment so long as it is stored in memory (select the open option instead of save as).  This works with Reader X, Reader 9.x, and Acrobat Pro.


      While running Windows XP - After saving any PDF document to my hard drive from an outlook email attachment I am unable to open the PDF file using Reader X.  Reader 9.x and Acrobat Pro both open the files without a problem.


      This poses a major issue because we cannot control what version of Reader our clients use and if they are unable to open PDF documents that are saved to their hard drives from emails using Reader X what do you suggest we do?


      Note: I don't believe this is related to the known Reader X issue where people cannot open PDFs from a web page.


      Any help or troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

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          jon-i7 Level 1

          After doing more troubleshooting I found that all PDF files will open proerly with Adobe 9 Pro and Reader 9.x whereas the files which have been cauing issues with Reader X now seem to open properly about 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time error out.


          When Reader X errors out, AcroRd32.exe sits in tast manager using 50% of my dual core CPU and never loads.


          I will keep updating this thread with more findings.


          Thus far I can tell there is an issue with Reader X and opening PDF files in general.

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            jon-i7 Level 1

            Concluded that Reader X will only open pdf files from email attachments (right click > open NOT save-as) when they are stored in memory and will do this 100% of the time.


            Reader X is sporadic at best when opening PDF files which are saved to a hard drive.  I opened a file with Reader X without issue, 1 minute later Reader X errored out when attempting to open the same unaltered file.  I have  tested this with 4 different PDF files - works 100% of the time with Acrobat 9.x Pro and Reader 9.x but is seemingly random with Reader X

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              jon-i7 Level 1



              Narrowed issue down to 3 specific PDF files all created by the same user - only these files seem to be erroring out when being opened by Reader X


              Attempted to open 3 different PDF files using Pro and Reader X and was able to open all of them in different ways without any errors.


              Now it seems as if there is an issue with PDFs coming from a certain user - maybe how the file is being saved??  Running out of ideas here.

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                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It could be yes. You may ask them what they are using to create the file and all of the specific steps they took to get it to PDF(plus what application the original was created in along with what specific product and version was used to create the PDF)


                Edit: After re-reading all of your posts, it could also be they way the files are being transferred or the ISP that the user or receiver has for their email. some providors use encoding that doesn't get translated back properly when the file is received.

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                  i too have problems with reader x. in hotmail

                  i can open any pdf but when displayed the documents

                  are in computer code. only microsoft office doc

                  uments are opened in a readable format.

                  this problem on ly started after installing latest versio

                  n of reader