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    Opening PDFs in a New Window

    David Ashleydale

      Is there a good way to code a link to a PDF on a web page that would ensure that the PDF opens in Reader or in a new browser window/tab instead of in the same window/tab?


      Even though modern browsers allow users to configure their setup to allow PDFs to be opened within the same browser window (this might even be the default behavior nowadays), I've found that many customers end up closing the entire browser by accident after they finish reading the PDF. Then they have to open the browser back up again, sign in again, and navigate back to where they were. In order to reduce the chance of this happening, and to provide a better customer experience, I would like to force the PDF to open in Reader or in a new window/tab.


      However, when I have tried to do this in the past, I have run into many types of errors based on the different browser/platform/version combos that exist out there. Examples:

        • Two browser windows are opened -- one blank and one with the PDF.
        • The PDF opens in Reader, but a blank window/tab is also opened.
        • The PDF won't close. I have to close the window that spawned it first.


      Many of these errors seem to occur on computers where the user has already set up their computer to not allow PDFs to open in the same window/tab. So that when I do something to force the PDF to open elsewhere, it kind of happens twice.


      Is there a nice, clean way to do this?



      David Ashleydale