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    Good NON-animation codec with alpha channel?

    zm15 Level 1

      I'm looking for something that will give good resolution with no banding or artifacting in the transparent areas. Animation is too big of file size to use.


      I have 720p footage, and I've tried the DNxHD codec at 110mbit 29.97 10bit, but I still get banding.


      I try the 220mbit 59.97 10bit and that looks better, but it's the wrong frame rate.


      Any thoughts on a good codec with decent size that has a good representation of the alpha channel?


      Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the frame-rate thing.


      When i render out a 90fps (fps set in the comp) motion graphics animation from after effects with the DNxHD 720p 220 59.94 10bit codec, quicktime shows that i'm playing back at 90fps. So what does it mean when the codec says it's for 59.94?