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    Workflow question

    Fotis F

      Hi everyone, I am having a problem with after effects and I would like some advice.

      I am editing a sequence in premiere and then I choose some shots that I want to add effects to, so I choose "replace with an after effects comp" via Dynamic Link. I add the effects in after effects and everything updates just fine in premiere. So far so good. I then close everything and then reopen After Effects and import the Premiere Sequence that I was editing in a new AE project where I want to do all the color correction. AE imports the linked sequence, i can see it in my project panel but for some reason I cannot drop it into a new composition. I don't understand why, I can open the sequence and view it just fine, with all the effects that I had added but I cannot put it into a comp. Any advice??

      I am using Windows 7 Home, with Production Premium CS5.


      Thank you for your time