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    Setting Up New Capture Device?!

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am in the  process of switching from an Avid MC 5.03 Nitrix DX system to an Adobe  based edit suite.  Unfortunately we have come to the decision to switch  after purchasing the new Avid system just over a year ago, and prior to  my employment I might add (I would have a different recommendation for  purchasing a new edit system...ugh!).


      With that in mind  we are trying to salvage what components we can and avoid purchasing a  new breakout box or A/D converter if we can to capture from a Sony  PVW-2800 Beta deck which is currently routed through the Nitris DX I/O.   As a test we installed the production suite on a W7 tower and hooked up  everything in terms of I/O etc. just as it was with the Avid system.  I  am hoping the Nitrix DX box can serve as our A/D even though we don't  need it for Avid encoding/decoding.  The tower did recognize that a  device was connected, but seem to be missing the drivers.  We were able  to find and download the Nitris DX drivers.  After installing these,  this time the device and drivers were recognized so I opened Premiere to  check deck status, but no luck.  I tried adjusting the capture settings  to the specific Sony PVW2800 model, but that model is not listed in the  drop down.  Unforunately we don't have any sort of internet connection  in the location where the tower and Nitris DX live (at least for not  another month due to construciton...) to allow Adobe to look for the  'Device Info'.  On that note, would it really require the Device Info  for the Nitris DX box instead of the deck itself?  Is there a way to  input new device info or look it up online outside of Premiere?


      Any other thoughts?  Am I missing a step in terms of setting up a new capture device? Let me know if anything needs to be clarified for a proper response.


      I  have done a bit of research on alternate A/D converters if this doesn't  work, but I'm not giving up yet.  At this point I'm bound and  determined to force this Avid branded product to function as it should  with any system!