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    ADE pdfs in the Nook Color

    ebookaficionado Level 1

      Does anyone have experience to share on running ADE pdfs in the Nook Color?


      We have complex pdf books (many pictures, captions, columns, word wrap, etc) that look great in ADE on PCs and on Macs, and they also look great on the iOS products using txtr or BlueFire apps. In principle they should work on the Nook Color, according to thier literature and tech support staff.


      However... these documents are  recognized and load fine into the Nook with standard procedures, but they do not display well at all. There is some crude attempt taking place to convert them to epub format and that is what is shown. Completely unacceptable.


      On the other hand, if the same unprotected pdf is loaded in to the My Files section of the Nook by direct file transfer, then this same complex pdf shows just fine  in the Nook Color. So it is not a limit on showing complex pdfs in the Nook.  There is some issue with the DRM affecting how the Nook chooses to display the pdfs.


      The DRM was added to the pfds by Ingram Digital, and again, they work just fine in all other systems tested so far.


      Any insight into this issue we be much appreciated.

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          jena518 Level 1

          I dont' have an answer.  I've down-loaded digital editons to "fix" the pdf's and transfer them to epub for my Nook Color.  Not only doesn't it work, I can't find the darn books in the ADE library.  I use Calibre regularly and it does a good job with most books I've bought.  But I've found if try it with pdf -DRM, you are sooooooooooo screwed!  I was told digital editions would 'open' the files for transfer....good luck with that, I can't even find the damn books now (and I've got more than 125 of them with this crap on it.)  Adobe isn't helping except to tell me to spend money on a different product (of their's of course) that MIGHT work.  Who has $$$ on a maybe?  At this moment. it's just a scam...I've lost $$ on the books I bought that I can't read, unless I want to read one word per line, wasted time with this reader x and digital editions and "lost" my books. 


          Adobe.....if you're monitoring this help and answer's would be more than welcomed!   Solutions would be good or because most people use your products you don't care about any Nook issues?