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    How to get AI art with scale 9 embedded for use in a spark skin


      I've been struggling to find a solution to this myself for a while now.


      I've got some illustrator artwork (of button states) that I'd like to start using in a spark button skin.

      It uses 9-slice and I need the 9 slice / scale 9 to work when I set the dimensions of a spark button instance that uses this skin.


      I've tried copying the art into an Flash CS5 file, breaking it apart until it is just drawing objects on the stage, and using the [Embed]/@Embed meta data tags in mxml to embed the published swf file, while including the "scaleGridLeft", etc, parameters, but that didn't seem to work.


      Should I even be trying to use SWFs to achieve this, or are there other ways to get scale9 vector art into flex?

      I looked into FXG but it didn't look like it supported scale9...