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    varialble in a path

    Level 7
      I have a variable btnNum:MovieClip with is a movie clip that i am using
      to target the clip. I have it in a function like so:

      function changeImgSaturationOver(btnNum:MovieClip):Void {
      trace("rollover link is: " + btnNum);
      trace("rollover link is: " + this[btnNum].textClip);
      ZigoEngine.doTween({target:btnNum.textClip, _y:125, time:.05,

      In that function I am tracing like above. The first one returns what I
      am hoping for, which is: rollover link is: _level0.mcImgHolder3
      The second trace comes back undefined: rollover link is: undefined

      How do I do this, so I can use that path to target something inside that

      Thank you!